Distributing Fedora packages under GPLv2 3(b)

Alexander Boström abo at kth.se
Sat Oct 6 07:59:23 UTC 2007

fre 2007-10-05 klockan 22:19 -0400 skrev Jesse Keating:
> do we the 3b folks have to keep things around for 3
> years after a 3c person makes a release? 

The 3c folks can only use the 3b archive if there's a written promise
about the 3b archive which the 3c folks can pass on. The promise can be
limited to a certain time period and it's the responsibility of the 3c
folks to make sure it's suitable for their needs.

Probably it's best to tell 3c folks that they should stop distributing
3+ years before the promise ends for anything that's within their spin,
and if they can't promise that, they should provide their own source
code archive.

That would be fine if they're making a spin to hand out in DVD form at
some event, which they then stop distributing. If they're making it
available on their FTP server, it's a shame that they have to delete it
after a while and that's something they might forget to do, os in that
case it would still be strongly recommended that they distribute the
source themselves.

But as Matthew Miller points out, building and maintaining this
CVStoSRPM web app might be more work than just telling people to hand
out two CD:s/DVD:s. It looks like the source ISO is slightly smaller
than the binary ISO in the F7 i386 vs. src case, but can you count on
that for every spin? Does the source for the Live CD fit on a CD? If
not, that is a limitation to the size of a spin.


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