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Re: OpenSceneGraph-devel woes on F-7/FC-6 ExcludeArch change in stable release

Christopher Stone wrote:
On 10/8/07, Todd Zullinger <tmz pobox com> wrote:
Christopher Stone wrote:
Why can't we develop some way for a devel package maintainer to
email package maintainers who buildrequire your devel package?
Limited hours in the day and limited folks who know the code for
bodhi, koji, and the other infrastructure tools to write a patch to
implement it.

I think this would be a very useful feature, perhaps a checkbox in
bodhi to notify package maintianers who buildrequire this package
about your update?

I do not know anything about the new packagedb system, but I think
this should be easy to implement and extremely useful.

Is there some killer feature in the db that needs to be added like
figuring out which maintainers BR's a devel package?  This is just an
SQL query correct?

If koji keeps track of dependencies it would be easier to implement this there than in the packagedb at the moment. The packagedb doesn't currently track dependencies because the other tools do that. We could change that, but we probably need to sit down and talk about what tools we want storing which information in the dbs.


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