Mock x86_64/i386 build issues

Roland McGrath roland at
Tue Oct 9 00:33:28 UTC 2007

> setarch i686 mock -r fedora-devel-i386 foo.src.rpm
> The 'setarch i686' is the important part.  

It really seems to me that mock ought to be taught to do this.  There's no
good reason that "you need setarch foo if `uname -m` !~ bar" shouldn't be
part of that very config file that -r selects.

> (some packages may actually need 'setarch i386', I last ran into this
> with emacs a long time ago on RHL7.something.  Don't ask.

I won't even tell.  I believe any package so affected by now has a kludge
to do %ifarch blah\nsetarch i386 make dump\n%elsemake dump\n%endif or whatever.


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