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Re: Merging totem and totem-xine

Stewart Adam wrote:

Since xine-lib has been moved to Fedora, I realized so could totem-xine.
I've been working on a totem spec that includes both gstreamer and xine
backends. As of now, the spec generates the usual subpackages plus
'totem-gstreamer' and 'totem-xine' which contain the binaries for the
gstreamer- and xine-based binary totem. I've used --program-suffix at
compile time, so they are parallel installable.

What do you think the best approach is to packaging this, if at all? Two
options I'm thinking of are having the two engines conflict or using
alternatives to have a configurable backend (switching "on demand").

Pick one as the default (Probably totem-gstreamer since the rest of our infrastructure is based around gstreamer.) The other one can either be invoked by using totem-xine or a shell script can be used to select which one to run (based on what's installed, an environment variable, and the default.)


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