f8t3 live: no networking on presario 700 (Broadcom)

Callum Lerwick seg at haxxed.com
Tue Oct 9 17:51:08 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-10-09 at 13:24 -0400, Will Woods wrote:
> Just to be sure, what made you choose version 4 firmware for your
> device? I had messages in dmesg directing me to get the version 3
> firmware (for my BCM4306 card). I'm not sure what firmware/driver the
> 4311 would use, but it would probably tell you in the logs..

As of F7 it demands v4. Which nicely complicated the hell out upgrading
to F7, as finding v4 drivers to cut the firmware from was next to
impossible upon release.
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