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Re: The gstreamer third way

Somebody in the thread at some point said:

> Well there are 2 possible situations:
> A) The projects that depend on samba are willing to address the
> licensing problem
> B) They are not
> If A we have time, we are talking about F9, plenty of time.
> If B then they have 2 choices:
> B.1) Drop functionality
> B.2) Implement/maintain/whatever their own SMB/CIFS support

Can this not ultimately be framed and resolved in the same way as
gstreamer-plugins-good/bad/ugly? If it is still only a matter of
distribution (I didn't really understand the whole of the GPL3 yet), the
combination can occur at the end-user.

In that scenario until there is a better resolution Fedora ships an
increasingly dusty GPL2 Samba and it's up to the user if they replace it
with a same soname GPL3 packaged one from elsewhere (it's always up to
them anyway, let's face it).


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