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Re: The gstreamer third way

Andy Green wrote:
Well there are 2 possible situations:
A) The projects that depend on samba are willing to address the
licensing problem
B) They are not

If A we have time, we are talking about F9, plenty of time.

If B then they have 2 choices:
B.1) Drop functionality
B.2) Implement/maintain/whatever their own SMB/CIFS support

Can this not ultimately be framed and resolved in the same way as
gstreamer-plugins-good/bad/ugly? If it is still only a matter of
distribution (I didn't really understand the whole of the GPL3 yet), the
combination can occur at the end-user.

No. The ugly gstreamer plugins don't have a license problem, but a patents problem and this problem apply only on certain parts of the world, there are other parts where they are perfectly fine from any point of view.

Using the same way for Samba would be knowingly breaking the GPL, something I don't think anybody want to do.

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