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Jon Ciesla limb at
Wed Oct 10 14:01:11 UTC 2007

> On Wednesday 10 October 2007 14:12:09 Jon Ciesla wrote:
>> I'm not the person with the expertise to accomplish this, but would it
>> be
>> possible to have the rpm build process check the license tag of the
>> current spec, query the license tags of BuildRequires, and die with an
>> error if a license violation occurs?
> It would not solve the current problem (namely Samba relicensing): as
> libsmbclient does not change its soname, a simple upgrade of Samba can
> make
> KDE modules be linked with GPLv3 code.
> That procedure that you described needs also to check license of packages
> that
> BuildRequires (rescursively) the package that is being rebuild.


> Maybe the repo construction step could check licensing. That does not seem
> easy at all, though.

Agreed.  If it was easy, I'd have submitted a patch. :)

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