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Re: better install experience

On Wed, 2007-10-10 at 15:18 -0400, Neal Becker wrote:
> Some time back, IIRC I posted that it would improve the user experience if
> fedora installer would include a few tools.  I am (once again) getting a
> new machine, and (once again) it's coming with windoze pre-installed.  I
> need to do ntfsresize.  Last time, I had to grab a live-cd that had an
> ntfsresize, before I could do fedora install.  Has this situation improved?
> If we want to improve the user experience, it would be great if anaconda
> offered to do the resize.  Even for an experienced user, who wants to d/l +
> burn >1 cd/dvd?

Are you offering to help by contributing code?  Because honestly, it's
not like we don't want to do it.  But there's only a finite number of
people working on anaconda and a finite amount of time available for
working on what's realisticially a pretty big project[1].  Having some
people interested stepping up and helping to work on code would go a
long way towards getting this done for Fedora 9.

But with the Fedora 8 (and the Fedora 7 even) live CDs, gparted is there
and you can use it for resizing ntfs.  It just doesn't provide a
well-integrated experience


[1] As it currently stands, the partitioning workflow can't really work
within the constraints needed for resizing.  And so some that's also an
area that's going to need changes

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