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CDs DVDs or netboot. Oh my!

History: Up until Fedora 7 all RH family products had an install CD that people could download, stick in their drive and install a minimal set of packages or at least specify a method to install from.

Problem: As of Fedora 7 (and soon with Fedora 8) they cannot do this. The installable live cd can install but not in the traditional sense of what people are used to. It has no package selection and cannot upgrade.

Opinion: I believe, in part, this has contributed to the dip in numbers we saw between FC6 and F7.

Future problem: as of F8 for an individual arch a user could download boot.iso, live cd, installable DVD, and a few respins. Respins are going to get linked to a spins site, the torrents and public mirrors site will be linked to as well. So the real question is what do we 'suggest' our default install be?

1) Live CD: Can't upgrade, do package selection or specify install method.
2) DVD: isn't live (duh :) but requires DVD burner and drive to do installs.
3) boot.iso: a little too advanced for causal users, etc.

So which one do we link to directly from get-fedora? The public mirror list will be there as it was in the past.


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