boot-time / readahead investigations

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Fri Oct 12 13:23:19 UTC 2007

Le Ven 12 octobre 2007 14:53, Jon Nettleton a écrit :

> I am not sure why this is even being brought up.  I understand what a
> server is, and what it's purpose is.  However That is not what this
> discussion is about.  This discussion is about speeding up the boot
> time of his DESKTOP machine.

Please also understand the frontier between server and desktop is not
as clear cut as you seem to want it, and a lot of home systems are
mixed usage.

My server is my desktop and my desktop is my server. I don't have the
money or the space to nicely separate the functions in different
systems to simplify your life. That's the same for a lot of people -
they buy a desktop, laptop or shuttle and expect it to fill all their
home computing needs.

Fedora network and service management has been going nowhere for a few
releases because the people that should drive the changes have decided
they could focus on single-user single-usage laptops exclusively. As a
result every other Fedora group is waiting for them to come to their
senses instead of moving fedora packages to the bright new future the
desktop team dreams of.

Fedora does not have a "desktop boot system" or a "desktop network
system". It has a "general-purpose boot system" and a "general-purpose
network system".

But anyway you've answered my original question. NetworkManager and
anything that depends on it is still something totally unsuitable for
my desktop.

Nicolas Mailhot

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