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Re: The gstreamer third way

fre, 12 10 2007 kl. 11:26 +0100, skrev Andy Green:
> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> > Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot <at> laposte.net> writes:
> >> Le jeudi 11 octobre 2007 à 19:12 +0000, Kevin Kofler a écrit :
> >>> Yet third-party repositories are happily distributing proprietary 
> > kmod-nvidia 
> >>> modules linked against the GPLv2 kernel, which isn't any more legal than 
> >>> distributing a GPLv2 kio_smb linked against a GPLv3 Samba would be.
> >> Last I checked they're not distributing both kmod-nvidia and kernels in
> >> the same repo
> > 
> > They wouldn't be shipping Samba in the third-party repo either.
> So I didn't get the objection to the original proposal.
>  - Fedora just sticks with the perfectly valid last GPL2 version for
> now, links KDE3 stuff against it as usual and has nothing to do with the
> GPL3 version until there is a better situation
>  - That is the end of the story for the typical case.  When KDE4 comes
> or there is some other better resolution that allows it, Fedora just
> starts using the GPL3 samba libs and goes on in a good clean way.
>  - Additionally, completely externally, some other repo might offer a
> standalone GPL3 samba libs package that has the same soname that
> endusers might choose to use to replace Fedora's GPL2 library.  That's
> up to them and the user's problem that his combined system may not be
> redistributable if he goes down that path.
> If I understood it, this does not violate any terms or intention of the
> terms and is nice and clean.

And when QT never moves to a GPLv3 compliant licensing scheme, Fedora
will be stuck with technology that is unsupported by upstream and
growing outdated and non-functional by the second, that or becomes a
fullblown fork and thus a major burden we carry on behalf of TrollTech.

Fedora needs to stay on a current samba, it is a major selling point and
a much requested feature, especially given Microsoft love for changing
the protocol and otherwise playing games. It's the only way we can stay
working and lessen the support burden for us and Samba upstream.

This is a QT bug, I suggest the QT people fix it, if need be then KDE
can be compiled without said support till a solution is found. Naturally
it's undesirable to withhold said functionality from these users but
TrollTech knew these was coming and it's a well understood problem which
can only be fixed in a satifactory manner by them.

- David

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