Fedora caching suggestion

Mark markg85 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 19:29:31 UTC 2007

2007/10/16, Matthew Miller <mattdm at mattdm.org>:
> On Mon, Oct 15, 2007 at 04:50:56PM +0200, Mark wrote:
> > I've followed the discussion about readahead and it got disabled for
> > Fedora 8 (it wasn't benefiting at all (at least not for me)). Now i
> > wonder if it would be possible to pre cache the "all time using"
> > programs? With "all time using" i mean all the programs that are gonna
> > be started anyway and that are highly likely to be started. for gnome
> > it would be at least the following:
> Readahead can do that. And as you noted, it doesn't help much.

Well, readahead didn't seem to do a good job at it.. i wasn't noticing
any changes with all the echo icons cached in the menu.. it still
looked like the icons still had to be loaded (they didn't appear any
faster at all and all icons where in the readahead list).

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