Deploying noarch builds to specific arch's

Andrew Haley aph at
Wed Oct 17 14:15:55 UTC 2007

Deepak Bhole writes:

 > I am attempting to build a package (checkstyle) with
 > IcedTea. Currently, Fedora allows building of noarch packages with
 > IcedTea and shipping them on all archs (where they run via IcedTea,
 > or via gcj in interpreted mode).
 > The problem is that IcedTea is only available on x86/x86_64. Since
 > my package is noarch, koji randomly distributes it between
 > ppc/x86/x86_64, and when it goes to ppc, the build fails.

So let's fix it on ppc.  In what way does it fail?


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