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Re: Deploying noarch builds to specific arch's

On Wed, 17 Oct 2007 10:07:49 -0400
Deepak Bhole <dbhole redhat com> wrote:

> I am attempting to build a package (checkstyle) with IcedTea.
> Currently, Fedora allows building of noarch packages with IcedTea and
> shipping them on all archs (where they run via IcedTea, or via gcj in
> interpreted mode).
> The problem is that IcedTea is only available on x86/x86_64. Since my
> package is noarch, koji randomly distributes it between
> ppc/x86/x86_64, and when it goes to ppc, the build fails.
> While IcedTea is not a strong requirement for checkstyle, this problem
> will be encountered by any package that is to be built with IcedTea..

Rereading the problem, I don't think we can /build/ with IcedTea yet.
We need to build them all with gcj and they could runtime use IcedTea
if it's available, or gcj if not.  But they're all built with gcj until
such time as we have IcedTea everywhere.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- All my bits are free, are yours?

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