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Experimental ppc livecd-iso-to-stick support

Spent a while beating on a usb stick to make it boot my powerbook. Once that was working, I attempted to add support to livecd-iso-to-stick to set up a stick automagically. The work-in-progress, works-for-me fruits of my labor:


A few caveats:

1) only works on ppc macs

2) requires repartitioning sticks to use a mac partition table (script includes some support for auto-formatting)

3) at the moment, some usb open firmware devices are hard-coded, so it only boots in a specific usb port (the one on the right side of my powerbook g4)

4) requires entering open firmware and manually specifying the boot device (not sure why holding down option at boot doesn't find it).

5) not tested on any other machines yet

Thanks be to Ralf Ertzinger for pointing me to his ydl4 usb boot docs, which helped out a ton convincing things to work. Definitely still needs testing and plenty of room for improvement, but I think its a decent start...

Jarod Wilson
jwilson redhat com

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