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Re: Should we settle on one SSL implementation?

Bernardo Innocenti wrote:

It would seem a worthwhile goal to unify SSL/TLS
implementations like we did for spell checkers.
Or, if it turns out to be too hard, at least it would
be nice to their pki files.

I really don't think its our job to decide which SSL implementation is used by the various different projects. Those projects have already chosen which implementation they prefer - It's not for us to decide. Also, Fedora aims to be as close to upstream as possible, so unless we can convince the project to change their preferred SSL implementation, I'm all for simply leaving it alone.

Compatibility layers and Fedora-only patchsets, all means added complexity and more Fedora-only bugs.

That said, we could pick our favorite implementation and use that, whenever a project supports multiple implementations (not sure if this is the case for any project).

Just my 5 cents


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