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Re: any plans to make wireless more user-friendly in Fedora 9?

On 10/22/07, Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net> wrote:
> Le Lun 22 octobre 2007 11:36, Valent Turkovic a écrit :
> > Please make it on by default also for DVD install images.
> Till it works for all the systems Fedora targets (including those with
> no permanent GUI session that also need network/wifi connexion) the
> answer is no.
> Right now NetworkManager is targetting a very small user niche, so
> it's only usable as default in the spin dedicated to this niche (and
> one could argue the spin desktop target audience is wider than the
> laptop-only no-daemon dumbed-down desktop NetworkManager supports)

Ok, I trust you have much more expertise with this topic.

Can I ask you (and all other fedora devels) one general question that
regards usability, desktop users and wireless...?

How do you expect average users who are new to linux and install
fedora from DVD to use wireless?

Is the NetworkManager only option (if they find it and start it in the
first place)? Are you making some fedora specific tool for easy
connectivity based on system-config-network?

Is using system-config-network only way of setting up and using
wireless network via gui in fedora?

Thank you for all of your comments,

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