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KDE-SIG weekly report (43/2007)

This is a report of the weekly KDE-SIG-Meeting with a summary of the topics 
that were discussed.
If you want to add a comment please reply to this email or add it to the 
related meeting page.


= Weekly KDE Summary =

Week: 43/2007

Time: 2007-10-23 17:00 UTC

Meeting page: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/KDE/Meetings/2007-10-23

Meeting Log: 


= Participants = 

AdelGadllah (drago01) 

= Agenda =

* Pulseaudio in KDE (Setup [1], Thread on fedora-devel-ml [2]) 
* Infinity Splash Screen for KDE (#336301, Thread on fedora-art-list [3], 
initial version [4]) 
* beryl is dead. Is compiz-kde usable? 
* How well does nm-applet work as a replacement for knetworkmanager? 
* Defining a Top-5-List of the "most-needed-next-topics" to work on (to give 
new SIG-Members an advice where we need the most work) 
* Adjust the color scheme to match the default wallpaper (#295631) 
* Usage of fedora-bookmarks also in konqueror (#344711) 
* KDE 3.94.0 (development platform) for Fedora 7 and 8

= Summary =

o Pulseaudio: 
- We will use pulseaudio by default in Fedora 8 
- A script in /etc/kde/env/ will start pulseaudio for KDE (because there seems 
to be no interest in system-wide usage of pulseaudio) 
- With pulseaudio only started in a full session of KDE audio support won't be 
available in apps that are started outside a full session and if pulseaudio 
isn't running 
- RexDieter will find out where the best place is to put this in 

o Infinity Splash Screen: 
- artwork people offered help but at time of the meeting there was no existing 
- we will use kde's default (splash if no splash occurs later the day) 

o compiz/beryl: 
- compiz is obsoleting beryl now so that upgrade path will work 
- we have a quick hack for switching compiz<->kwin based on compiz-manager 
(which isn't submitted for review yet) 
- getting a package in fedora for f8-final would be difficult 
- SebastianVahl will submit compiz-manager for review 

o knetworkmanager: 
- /etc/skel/.kde/{env,shutdown} will be moved to /etc/kde/{env,shutdown} to 
not only affect newly created user accounts 
- RexDieter will also add some minor modifications to knetworkmanager 
- SebastianVahl re-included knetworkmanager on the live images again 

o adjust color scheme: 
- the adjusted color scheme will be included as default 
- later adjustements could be done then 

o use fedora-bookmarks: 
- it is unclear for the moment how to use fedora-bookmarks directly in 
konqueror and if this is possible 
- Plan: inlcude a snapshot now and try to figure out how to use 
fedora-bookmarks directly later 

o KDE 3.94.0 for F7, F8: 
- KDE 3.94 is built for devel (rawhide for f9) 
- kdebase-workspace isn't existing yet 
- KDE 3.94 will be prepared for integration into f8-updates-testing and 

o Top-5-List of the "most-needed-next-topics" to work on (for new SIG 
- Such a list could help new contributors to give an advice where their help 
is most needed 
- But this list will change often and also become outdated quickly 
- A new wiki page will be prepared for the next meeting 

o Open discussion: 
- SebastianVahl has written to all the listed "participants" in the KDE-SIG 
for their opinion about culling down the list of participants (see last 
meeting). No response yet. 
- If more duplicated entries in kmenu are known which hasn't a bug yet they 
should be inserted in bugzilla

= Links =

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/RexDieter/PulseAudioKDE
[4] http://www.math.unl.edu/~rdieter1/Infinity/


Next meeting:

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