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Re: CD audio: preference to limit drive speed?

2007/10/24, John Reiser <jreiser bitwagon com>:
> Peter Lemenkov wrote:

> > OMG!
> > Someone still playing (and buying) AudioCDs!

> I object to the low fidelity of the usual .ogg, .mp3, etc.
> I can recognize the difference within a few measures of music,
> and I prefer to listen to CD-DA.

I'll tell you only two words  - FLAC and WavPack.

And another one - RockBox! :)

BTW if you purchased an AudioCD you helped media-monsters to punish
and torture innocent people (so-called "pirates"), so its up to you -
continue using old and inconvenient thing which capable to handle only
70+ minutes or using progressive lossless audio formats with plenty of
media players already present in Fedora of with RockBox-enabled
hardware media player.

I also heard about FLAC-support in modern media-centers (even in
AppleTV and Playstation3, using plugins of course)...
With best regards!

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