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Re: BIG FAT WARNING: Breaking X in rawhide

tor, 25 10 2007 kl. 15:42 -0400, skrev Adam Jackson:
> Hopefully I have your attention.
> We're working on a lot of stuff that's going into upstream X really
> soon.  It's going to be quite disruptive, many drivers will fail to
> launch, etc.  Good stuff, but disruptive.
> I want to rebase rawhide to git xserver really soon, before November if
> possible but definitely before December.  I'll work to make sure most
> people can get _some_ X when that happens, but it's definitely going to
> hurt for about a month.
> I want to make sure everyone knows this is coming, and if anyone has
> suggestions for how to time this best and communicate all the caveats
> and workarounds, please, speak up now.

Could I convince you to do a brief little write up as to what wonderous
magic this will bring us, I mean aside the fun breakage.

- David

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