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Re: laptop hard disk etiquette

Warren Togami wrote:
> Bill Nottingham wrote:
>> Pádraig Brady (P draigBrady com) said:
>>> Which is about once every 4 seconds or so.
>>> As mentioned in the bug report I can turn this
>>> off by doing `hdparm -B 255 /dev/sda`
>>> Should anything be changed for the F8 release?
>> Fedora doesn't change the power management values for your drives from
>> the defaults set by your BIOS.
>> Bill
> 1) Power off completely.
> 2) Boot up.
> 3) Run `hdparm -I /dev/sda` and see "Advanced power management level:"

# hdparm -I /dev/sda

ATA device, with non-removable media
        Model Number:       Hitachi HTS541060G9AT00
        Serial Number:      MPB3PAX5KM1E5G
        Firmware Revision:  MB3OA61A
        Advanced power management level: 128 (0x80)

> What default value does your firmware or BIOS have?  notting's drive
> defaulted to 128.

The BIOS setup didn't give any interface to this value,
so I presume 128 was the default set by the drive/BIOS?


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