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Re: ALSA 1.0.15 update test kernels available

On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 17:33 -0400, Chuck Ebbert wrote:
> We are considering adding ALSA 1.0.15 to the Fedora 8 release. This
> would get us up-to-date with the latest audio drivers and fix many
> problems with audio drivers not working, or only partially working.
> Test kernels for i686 and x86_64 are available at:
>   http://people.redhat.com/cebbert/kernels/F8/
> Also, kernel has the update and is now building.
> It would be very helpful if people would test these kernels and reply
> to this message with their experiences, so we can see if this update
> causes any problems.

Ok. Once I dealt with a slight PEBKAC issue[0], I have tested this and
confirm that I no longer experience the random jumpy audio, volume
control jumping all over the place (halfline: that BZ I filed yesterday
is definitely not a GNOME applets issue therefore! like I suspected) and
my system is happily playing Garbage (the band, not random whitenoise).

Tangetially, I'll note that pulseaudio failed to start properly, then
crashed, and when I started it manually, it now adds that it can't find
the PCM channel...though it still works. I'll upgrade pulseaudio, but I
think this is all unrelated.

Ship it!


[0] One of these days, I'll learn to try the simple fix of turning brain
on briefly, rather than extracting initrd images and assuming the world
has fallen apart every time. I love drama way too much ;-)

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