Mesa license issue?

Callum Lerwick seg at
Wed Oct 31 09:04:40 UTC 2007

Okay, so there's a Second Life bug open pointing out what appears to be
a license problem with some OpenGL headers:

There is indeed a bunch of headers with "SGI Free Software License B"
boilerplate in them:

$ grep -l "SGI Free" /usr/include/GL/*

$ grep -l "SGI Free" /usr/include/GL/* |xargs rpm -qf|sort|uniq

The devel packages say they're all MIT license:

$ grep -l "SGI Free" /usr/include/GL/* |xargs rpm -qfi|grep License|
Size        : 1393741                          License: MIT
Size        : 82501                            License: MIT
Size        : 872295                           License: MIT

"SGI Free Software License B" is explicitly not acceptable in Fedora:

I've googled up and down and I haven't found an explanation as to what
is going on. Mesa's merge review is untouched:

Is there a reason these files don't fall under the SGI license? There's
a provision for "an alternative license" but I'm not even going to
pretend to understand the mechanics. If so, could the headers be
clarified, and an explanation made in Mesa's review? And a reply made
here? And Mesa's home page fixed? ;P

GLEW apparently had the same problem, fixed by taking headers from Mesa,
so I'm very confused as to what is going on:

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