Doxygen and multilib

Eric Sandeen sandeen at
Wed Oct 31 17:03:49 UTC 2007

Linus Walleij wrote:
> OK so I have that problem where Doxygen generates links as hashes 
> including something like a time stamp, so the -devel packages end up 
> causing multilib conflicts.
> Is there some silver bullet to actually SOLVE this?
> I saw that Hans solved this by tar.gz:ing up the docs and add as separate 
> source and then suppress compile-time building of the docs, replacing with 
> pre-generated contents.
> Myself I simply deleted the docs for now.
> I sort of believe Doxygen should be fixed to do something more 
> predictable, atleast on request.

I'd like to see that too - I took a quick look at how it generates the
hashes, and couldn't find it.  :)  But if it could be seeded with some
predictable thing based on what it's parsing, maybe it could be made


> Any ideas?
> Linus

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