changelogs in packages and space use

Tom Lane tgl at
Sat Sep 1 04:30:11 UTC 2007

Bill Nottingham <notting at> writes:
> That's my point, though - how is a release method where each release
> you offer *less* functionality to the user a good thing?

Are we offering *less* functionality, or *different* functionality?
There's certainly a zero-sum game involved when you're discussing
what you can put on a given-size CD.

I'm +1 for dropping blow-by-blow changelogs out of that limited
footprint --- the people who care about those details probably care
about access to the source code too, and I don't see anyone insisting
that we ship full source on livecd.

I'm also +1 for the discipline of packing as much functionality as
possible onto limited space.  But detailed changelogs seem to me
to not qualify as critical functionality.

			regards, tom lane

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