List of sponsors cannot be seen by outsiders

Patrice Dumas pertusus at
Sat Sep 1 09:09:19 UTC 2007

On Mon, Aug 27, 2007 at 05:19:53PM -0500, Mike McGrath wrote:
> Patrice Dumas wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Linked from 
>> there is a List of sponsors
>> but one need an account to see the page...
>> Chicken and egg situation...
>> Moreover somebody with knowledge of the new review process urls shuold
>> edit the page.
> Not quite chicken and egg.  You don't need to be in the group to read the 
> group, you just need an account.

I was not thinking about the sponsors group, but the cvsextras group.
There is a remark "List of sponsors is only visible to contributions
with a Fedora Account." Does people need to be in cvsextras to look at
the page, or not in any group? I was under the impression that '
contributions with a Fedora Account' was for people having signed the
cla and sponsored. But it may also be for people having signed the 
cla only, in that case, maybe it could be said like that?


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