changelogs in packages and space use

Douglas McClendon dmc.fedora at
Sat Sep 1 19:43:37 UTC 2007

Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Douglas McClendon (dmc.fedora at said: 
>> So maybe the above (I'm skeptical, was that 8.6M *squashfs compressed* 
>> saved?) only helps for one release cycle.  Then for a release cycle or two 
>> you have to sacrifice shipping every language in the world on the same cd, 
>> and go with regional spins.
> That's my point, though - how is a release method where each release
> you offer *less* functionality to the user a good thing?

I guess the rest of my reply that you didn't quote, failed to make an 

I consider it in the language of economics and utility.  Pain will be 
felt during the decision to remove languages or other actual 
functionality.  That pain will, in general, tend to cause more thought 
towards other decisions that could be made, that would keep the size 
down, without losing actual functionality.

In the absence of having a clear 700M bottom edge, that pain, leading to 
those thoughts, will never happen, and bloat will happen unrestrained, 
thus at a faster pace.

Sort of like how the 4th ammendment slows the descent into fascism. 
Sure, it seems inevitable that with technological progress, the 4th 
ammendment, just like the 700MB fully functional distro, will fall by 
the wayside.  But the longer it is there, and annoying people cling to 
the value of it, the slower the actual descent into hell.


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