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Les Mikesell lesmikesell at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 23:51:19 UTC 2007

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> Now.. it is up to anyone who disagrees with Mr. Jackson's informed
> historical account of the usefulness of inf parsing.. to dig out an
> inf file for a specific piece of hardware that doesn't currently work
> with Fedora's auto-detection and show...specifically..that the
> information provided in the inf file is enough to fix the issues that
> Mr. Jackson has stated can't be resolved with information from the inf
> file. Stop arguing that the inf should have the information
> necessary.. .and start showing that they do.

Isn't the fact that windows works with them a pretty good demonstration?

> I FORBID arguments for arguments sake.  If you want to argue with me
> about that, i suggest we open up a fedora-arguments-list.

OK, where do we sign up?

> Adam Jackson has previously done just that... he wrote quite
> succinctly that information in inf files is not enough to solve the
> underlying problems.

Is he suggesting that windows uses magic?  I thought he meant instead 
that X doesn't use the information sensibly.

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