My 2 cents on the whole Fedora to succeed as global wide deployed desktop are...

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Mon Sep 3 14:17:37 UTC 2007

Martin Sourada wrote:

> Yes, most ARE, but the one with services could be useful. There is a
> batch of services that are useful on most of notebooks, but are unneeded
> on most of Desktops/Servers and vice versa. And we'd like to get rid of
> as much unneeded services as possible, so if we target the default ones
> with a thought of the target platform, it would be IMHO more effective.
> Maybe it could go to anaconda, but personally I think that first boot is
> better place for that.

Asking the user in this case is the wrong answer. Don't expect the user 
to cherry pick services to enable/disable during installation. If users 
want to do that they can do it post installation or use kickstart.


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