My 2 cents on the whole Fedora to succeed as global wide deployed desktop are...

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at
Mon Sep 3 17:38:53 UTC 2007

Stewart Adam wrote:
>> Yes, most ARE, but the one with services could be useful. There is a
>> batch of services that are useful on most of notebooks, but are unneeded
>> on most of Desktops/Servers and vice versa. And we'd like to get rid of
>> as much unneeded services as possible, so if we target the default ones
>> with a thought of the target platform, it would be IMHO more effective.
>> Maybe it could go to anaconda, but personally I think that first boot is
>> better place for that.
> +1 - A simple list with a service's name and a short description would
> be very useful, and not to mention cut boot time. IMHO there are many
> services they Fedora has enabled by default which are relatively useless
> for most users. The whole rpc/nfs gang of services, sendmail - Why? I
> may be wrong, but I doubt that most of our users want to be running NFS
> and mail servers on a default install. Besides that, running Bluetooth
> on a machine without Bluetooth-capable hardware is a complete waste of
> resources.
> A simple example:
>   [X] Laptop services
>   [ ] Bluetooth - Bluetooth connectivity services
>   [X] NetworkManager - Easy management of network connections
>   [ ] Avahi - Zeroconf network discovery
>   [ ] NFS - File sharing
>   [ ] sendmail - Mail server
>   [ ] SMB - Samba (Windows) file and printer sharing
>   [ ] SSH - Remote shell
> Laptop Services would enable cpuspeed and apmd, as desktop machines
> don't really *need* those services. The rest can be enabled as the user
> sees fit.

Yes I don't need cpuspeed, as I *really* like listening to the sound of my CPU 
fan at full speed for no good reason, I also like my powerbil being as high as 

I can see merits on the general idea here, but the concept of desktops not 
needing powermanagement is from the previous century.



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