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Mon Sep 3 18:26:51 UTC 2007

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David G. Mackay wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-09-03 at 09:49 -0500, Josh Boyer wrote:
>> Take Ignacio for example.  While I disagree that Fedora as a
>> _distro_ needs a python3.0 alpha package at the moment, I applaud his
>> efforts to get it packaged and shared.  I think that is a very
>> worthwhile effort, and I'm glad he's done so.  I only wish something
>> like that would have happened for zope/plone in the F7 timeframe. (And
>> maybe it did, I just am not aware of it.)
> It was tried.


> As it stands, Zope and Plone, which were availabe in
> Extras for FC6, aren't available directly, and probably won't be for F8.

I'm still maintaining the FC6 packages and the EPEL packages (granted
updates for EPEL go to updates-testing) using the provided python.

Plone will not be running on python 2.5 for some time. Plone is
currently targeting Zope 2, albeit "Five" is like backporting Zope 3
code, and Zope 3 is *just now* starting to work with python 2.5... or is
at least close. This currently has the effect of restricting Zope 2 to
FC <= 6. I can't speak for the Zope developers, but I don't see a rush
to also get Zope 2 working with python 2.5.

== compat-python24 ==

Maybe today I will finish my upgrade testing and will push the compat-
packages into livna. The compat-python packages have passed review and I
just need to upload the new compat packages for zope (2.10.4) and plone
(3.0). I'm guessing this means I am going to end up being the
compat-python maintainer [in livna]. I was more or less avoiding this
because I'm not sure I will know what to do when things break and would
inheritly be passing the buck, so to speak. I would have to ask for
help, either on IRC or this list (and have no problem doing so) which
does create extra overhead and is something that was trying to be
avoided. Anywho, the packages are done and work (I've been using them
for most of the Fedora 7 release). I've only packaged what is needed for
Zope/Plone and that was another point in the discussion. Who decides
what compat support/module we provide? Seeing as how the packages I've
done are for my personal uses for Zope/Plone, I'm most likely not going
to personally do many other compat-python packages. compat-python-ldap
will be there at some point, but I think that is all.

== /compat-python24 ==

Zope/Plone is a somewhat special case with what broke and I'm not sure
having python 2.5 packages (in Fedora) earlier would have helped
anything. I'm all for getting python 3 packaged and available, but agree
outside of Fedora would be best. Even if python 3 is available, we are
still going to need to rely upon upstream projects using python to be
aware of the changes and start testing/fixing. There seems to be more to
this process then I want to spend time on (politics?) and thus have gone
the route of compat packages.

Jonathan Steffan
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