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> I have a machine running FC6 with Zope and Plone.  It will probably be
> migrated to Centos 5 soon as FC6 support will probably go away before
> 2008.  And. who knows, it might become a critical enough app that I'll
> spring for RHEL5 support.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that migration path.  The
best tool for the job.  The Fedora universe as it were has a multitude
of tools in it's tool belt.  There is Fedora, there is RHEL, there is
EPEL, and to some extent there is CentOS.  There are also tools that
will allow you to create your own erm.. tool for whatever job you need
to do.  Provided all this, I can't fathom a case where your need isn't
serviced by at least one of these offerings.

Jesse Keating
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