ubuntu bulletproof x

Douglas McClendon dmc.fedora at filteredperception.org
Mon Sep 3 20:19:46 UTC 2007

Naheem Zaffar wrote:
> I think the onus should be on the other foot.
> Unless you are the one doing the work, it is for you to prove that
> there is a benefit. Should be rather easy.
> ("I can prove that dogs exist. I cannot prove that aliens do not" is
> probably a bad analogy...)

Since he is the 'indisputable' X hacker, I am willing to take his word, 
that if he has *NEVER* seen such a scenario, that they don't exist.

Perhaps I should have phrased the question - 'You have never seen a 
situation', or 'you have never run across a situation'.

Honestly, I think I might have a situation, if I could actually track 
down the driver cd for the monitor I have (which I bought from a 
surplus, with no driver cd).  I.e. my micron ap150t, with current fc7, 
comes up as 800x600, when it is a 1024x768 lcd.

My suspicion is that in the .inf file for the monitor, is the 
information about the hsync, the vsync, and that it is capable of 
1024x768 resolution, which would be all the info needed.

But I admit, suspicions aren't worth anything in this argument.


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