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David G. Mackay wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-09-03 at 12:26 -0600, Jonathan Steffan wrote:
>> == compat-python24 ==
>> Maybe today I will finish my upgrade testing and will push the compat-
>> packages into livna. The compat-python packages have passed review and I
>> just need to upload the new compat packages for zope (2.10.4) and plone
>> (3.0). I'm guessing this means I am going to end up being the
>> compat-python maintainer [in livna]. I was more or less avoiding this
>> because I'm not sure I will know what to do when things break and would
>> inheritly be passing the buck, so to speak. I would have to ask for
> Unless it somehow interferes with the standard python package, be it
> 2.5, 2.6, or whatever, I don't expect much.  I'd love to get a recap of
> that in about six months or so.  Out of the twelve bugs for python in
> FC6, eight were dups, not a bug, or rawhide.  The four actual bugs that
> are still open were probably kicked upstream, and remain open eight or
> nine months later.
"This is the last planned release in the Python 2.4 series - future
maintenance releases of Python will be in the 2.5 series, starting of
course with 2.5.1."

"If you really want to maintain a retired package, then the process is
much the same as claiming an orphaned package. However, you need to be
aware that fixing release critical bugs etc becomes your responsibility.
This is to ensure the high quality and standards of packaging remain for
Fedora package collection."

So things like those four bugs kicked upstream become the responsibility
of our compat-python2.4 maintainer.  Similarly, if any of the fixed
rawhide bugs needed to be fixed for python2.4 as well, they would be the
responsibility of our compat-python2.4 maintainer.  So being the
compat-python2.4 maintainer is a non-trivial job.  It might even be
easier to be the zope/plone maintainer and drive the port to python2.5 :-)

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