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David G. Mackay mackay_d at
Tue Sep 4 21:01:36 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-09-04 at 16:08 -0400, Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Tue, 04 Sep 2007 15:00:15 -0500
> "David G. Mackay" <mackay_d at> wrote:
> > Last I heard, Fedora was a derivative of RHEL, and perhaps early on
> > RH9.
> Then you've been sadly misinformed.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux has
> always been built from either Red Hat Linux of the day, or Fedora.
> Never (that I am aware of) have we taken an existing RHEL and turned it
> into RHL or Fedora.

No.  I was thinking specifically of FC1.  Since all of the succeeding
Fedora releases build on each other, they are all, in that sense derived
from RHEL and RH9.  Of course, you could claim that everything for FC1
was conjured into existence independently, which would give a whole new
meaning to "installation wizard".

> > > think that they have nothing to do with the Fedora universe is just
> > > plain silly.  To think that they aren't valid alternatives when
> > > looking for say a long term supported Fedora, or a build of Fedora
> > > with more thought to backward compatibility is just ignorant (not
> > > in a mean way, just in a "the person doesn't possess the
> > > information" kind of way).  
> > 
> > And, to think that you can discard functionality for the sake of
> > staying on the cutting edge while improving the distro seems a bit
> > short sighted.  I would have thought that Fedora was trying to stake
> > out their own "mind share".
> We have our mind share, it's forward looking.  We are targeting new
> software rather than trying to continually run old software.

I understand that "Modern" is the mantra.  I just hope it's not the
whole koan.

> > On the other hand, thanks for the mental image.  It makes me wonder
> > how many DVD isos are in the "Fedora Universe" install set, and where
> > the torrent is.

> It all depends on how many folks create something from the Fedora
> packages that isn't Fedora.  Somewhat impossible to track.  That's like
> asking for a torrent for "Opensource Software", or "The Internet".

Sigh.  I was afraid that you might take that seriously.

> Fedora doesn't have to be everything to every person.  It doesn't have
> to solve all the problems.  There are perfectly viable alternatives to
> Fedora, that are even based on Fedora, that solve some problem spaces
> that Fedora itself just isn't interested in.  Duplication of effort is
> not fun for anybody.

Oh, I don't know.  Take a look at xen and kvm.  Those of us that aren't
down in the trenches for those stand to win either way.


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