iced-tea backport to f7?

Neal Becker ndbecker2 at
Thu Sep 6 03:23:50 UTC 2007

Mike Chambers wrote:

> On Tue, 2007-09-04 at 22:46 +0000, Mark Wielaard wrote:
>> Mike Chambers <mike <at>> writes:
>> > I don't know much about this icedtea java stuff.  I read it includes a
>> > browser plug-in with the rpm?  Is this the same plugin as the java one
>> > from sun, or at least works the same?
>> That is the java-1.7.0-icedtea-plugin package.
>> It isn't the same plugin code as the sun one since sun hasn't released
>> their code (yet). This is the gcjwebplugin code made to work with the
>> openjdk code base. We do hope it works the same, if not please do report
>> bugs!
>> One known issue is that the plugin doesn't support Liveconnect, the
>> Javascript - Java bridge.
> I've got it installed now and removed the sun java link and it did load.
> Even tested to see if it's loaded on sun's java page and was successful.
> So far so good I guess.

Worked OK with konqueror without any setup, but how to get firefox to notice
it?  Firefox still brings me to "install missing plugins".

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