Making "upstream" tarballs available

Nils Philippsen nphilipp at
Thu Sep 6 09:19:48 UTC 2007

On Fri, 2007-08-31 at 15:28 -0400, seth vidal wrote:

> Nils,
>  Would you be willing to move things off of elvis and onto
> to help with the use of system-config-samba by
> other distros?

Sorry for the late reply, been busy and all that.

In fact, I've been prodding Soren to ask the question here -- he
approached me about it on IRC and I thought that this is an issue of
general interest, not only for system-config-samba.

Some points/ideas:

- I've already moved my system-config packages from elvis CVS to hosted
- I think it's a good idea to offer the tarballs for download there as
- I'm not sure whether having one project per system-config tool would
be wise, perhaps we can keep them under on larger "system configuration
tools" umbrella (as is done today in the Wiki).
- Uploading the tarballs must be possible to be done automatically/from
the command line. Having to do this manually (via a web browser) won't
fly, because sometimes my memory is more like a "forgettory".
- I'm willing to sacrifice my workflow a bit, but if at all possible I'd
like to keep it this way:

        1. Change things, try them out in locally checked out source
        2. "hg commit"
        2.1 bump version
        3. "make [...] archive" (which tags and pushes to hosted)
        4. copy over stuff to Fedora dist CVS
        5. "make new-source", "cvs commit", "make [force-]tag build"
        6. If the build doesn't succeed, repeat from step 1 on, skipping
        step 2.1 (avoid version creep), force-tagging etc.

This works because the tarball hasn't been published yet -- being stored
behind an anonymous hash in the lookaside cache doesn't count ;-).
My idea would be:

        7. Use a small script that (for a certain package) would do
                - checks what versions are on the "upstream" download
                - checks what version are available for Rawhide in koji
                - for all versions not yet available, pulls the SRPMS
                from koji, extracts the tarballs and uploads them to the
                "upstream" download site

Ideally this script would kick off automatically after a successful
build in Rawhide, but I don't know if this would be easily doable. It
could be hooked after "make build" or could be a separate "make publish"
target in which case step 5 would become:
        5. "make new-source", "cvs commit", "make [force-]tag build

This would work if it is guaranteed that "make build" only succeeds if
the build is really successful. I think we can assume that.

I'd volunteer writing such a script.


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