XULRunner status

Christopher Aillon caillon at redhat.com
Thu Sep 6 19:23:34 UTC 2007

Michel Salim wrote:
> Hello,
> Is XULRunner still intended to be included in Fedora 8?

Yes, though it's getting bogged down with building churn.

 > openSUSE has
> been using it since at least 10.2 (late last year) -- they don't build
> Firefox off it, but applications like Liferea are built against
> xulrunner, which makes it much easier to release Firefox security
> updates without triggering rebuilds of dependent apps.

Because they don't ship updates to their XULRunner which 
would be equivalent to Firefox, security warts and all.  There 
are something like 30+ critical unfixed security holes in their version 
last I looked which in turn affect apps such as liferea, though I'm 
guessing not all would affect all apps equally.

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