kernel modules/kmods/dkms (Re: Plan for tomorrows (20070906) FESCO meeting)

Parag N(पराग़) panemade at
Fri Sep 7 09:04:50 UTC 2007

On 9/7/07, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora at> wrote:
> On 06.09.2007 20:43, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> >>> The complexity of separately-packaged kernel modules is unnecessary, and the users' problems with upgrading when the modules are not built synchronously with the kernel will no longer be possible.
> >> Same for dkms, as modules might break if the api changed.
> >
> > slightly less complex for dkms, because with dkms you don't have to
> > deal with synchronously building the modules on the central build
> > system.
> Yeah -- so we offload the trouble to the user. And that's not the right
> thing to do IMHO. We should provide pre-compiled kernel-modules if we
> want to ship kernel-modules. dkms optional for that that want it: sure.
> But the signals from FESCo are afaics: no kernel-modules at all. And I
> think that's the right thing to do in the merged Fedora world.

  Ok.  So why we are discussing this again and again creating many
threads on fedora-devel mailing list?  Why not to close this topic
with "No Kmod Packages Allowed in Fedora Repository"?
  I think still something is going on that is preventing FESCO to
directly come to conclusion of disallowing kernel module packages in


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