Aggregation upstream projects are BAD (kdesdk for example)

Till Maas opensource at
Sat Sep 8 13:24:32 UTC 2007

On Sa September 8 2007, Hans de Goede wrote:

> As it currently stands umbrello is just plain unfindable to end users, as
> you know I'm not some noob. I even searched for in progress reviews of
> umbrello.
> Also I think it is a very bad idea to ship packages with a clearly seperate
> upstream in some kinda bundle form. Sticking with the umbrello example, in
> order for the latest version to be included into Fedora, we must wait for a
> new upstream kdesdk release, which likely won't happen before there is a
> kdesdk4 in some far away future, as kde3 is as good as EOL.
> Notice that umbrello and kdesdk are just an example, this goes for other
> Aggregation upstreams too.
> Since on of Fedora's strenghts is being always up to date with the latest
> upstream versions, I think using these kind of upstream aggregation
> projects is a BAD idea as it creates interlocks with regards to versions
> between clearly seperate projects like kdesdk and umbrello.

I agree completely.

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