[Fedora-packaging] Re: New db4 update and package changes

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at iki.fi
Sat Sep 8 17:55:03 UTC 2007

On Saturday 08 September 2007, Michel Salim wrote:
> On 11/08/2007, Robert Scheck <robert at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
> > thousands of -devel packages is in my not so humble opinion what the
> > reporter of bug #220484 would like to see. And I don't believe, there's
> > any real benefit of doing so, so please avoid it. We're living in the 3rd
> > year- thousand and I don't want to calculate what 5 MB of disk space
> > could cost.
> Thirded. Consider that good ol' Slackware does not even split
> development files out of their main packages!

5MB is actually pretty much if you consider setups on space constrained media 
such as live CDs, small flash disks etc.  There have been other related 
lengthy discussions about things such as trimming package changelogs which 
would result in the same order of magnitude space savings when installed, so 
there are people who do care about numbers like that.

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