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Kelly lightsolphoenix at
Sat Sep 8 20:45:53 UTC 2007

On Saturday, September 8, 2007 10:28:20 am Johan Cwiklinski wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've tried to package kickoof, a KDE's menu remplacement (listed on the
> KDE SIG wiki page).
> The problem is kickoff is not really a new KDE menu, but a patched
> kdebase/kicker.
> So the package will not install new files and give user possibility to
> switch from base menu to kickoff, but it will replace numerous kdebase
> existing files.
> Suse Linux (who develops kickoff) have it integrated directly in kdebase
> (so the old KDE menu is not available I guess).
> My question is what must I do for this package ?
> - I don't think direct integration into kdebase is a such good idea
> (since there is no stable release for kickoff), and i'm not able to
> patch kdebase package.
> - Is there a way to backup existing files, so that base menu will
> reappear if kickoff is uninstalled ?
> - Or maybe this kind of package could not be build in respect of our
> standards...
> Regards,
> Johan

You won't be able to get Kickoff to work properly in Fedora; it's been tried, 
and tried, and tried.  Kickoff has dependencies on other packages that are in 
openSUSE but not Fedora...

But if you still want to try, then I believe the right answer is to put 
Provides: kdebase in the package.

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