Making the xine-lib-extras nondependent on xine-lib-arts?

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at
Sat Sep 8 21:59:48 UTC 2007

On Sunday 09 September 2007, Martin Sourada wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed one thing that cheered me up a bit - splitting of
> xine-lib-arts from xine-lib-extras. Well, but the problem is that
> xine-lib-extras, which has a set of useful plugins like support for
> pulseaudio, is dependent on xine-lib-arts. And xine-lib-arts pushes arts
> which in turn pushes qt. If I'd like to use xine-lib as an engine for
> various gtk based players (totem-xine or gxine to name a few), with the
> plugins in xine-lib-extras and don't want to push the qt dependency, it
> is currently a no-go. Is there a chance of separating the arts plugin
> completely?

I happened to ask the same thing from Aurelien a few days ago - I found it 
surprising too.  He said something about plans to possibly gradually split 
more stuff out of xine-lib-extras and to have -extras eventually as just a 
metapackage that pulls all these "extra" things in.

I have no problem with that, but nor do I have any problem with removing the 
dependency either.  Aurelien?

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