Enhancement proposal for Firefox

Adalbert Prokop adalbert.prokop at gmx.de
Mon Sep 10 19:28:51 UTC 2007

Am Montag, 10. September 2007 schrieb Rudolf Kastl:

Hi Rudolf!

> > I lately installed F7 on an AMD64 machine and had some problems with
> > firefox plugins, because most of them don't exist for 64 bit
> > architectures. I decided to use the 32 bit version, but it's not easy
> > to achieve it, because /usr/bin/firefox alwas uses the output of
> > uname -m to choose the version.

> so the fix is to get the plugins properly working with x86_64?
> workarounds will only slow down solutions because of the lack of
> motiviation to properly push fixes instead of working around with
> hacks.

Yes, the first part of my proposal is about getting plugins work properly 
with x86_64.

It is also about increase usability and acceptance of Fedora by the 

I fully agree that it would the very good if we had native plugins for 
every achitecture and it would be almost perfect if all of them were open 
source. Unfortunatelly, this is not the case.

My goal was to improve the linux experience for the ordinary user who is 
not interested in political decisions. NVidia's and ATI's closed source 
drivers also come as easy-to-install packages for Fedora.

And Linux Torvalds also does not let the kernel be a weapon in closed/open 
source wars. His arguments fit quite well here (and I agree with them): 
open software should be usable for any purpose, as long as it does not 
violate the license. I believe Linux would already be dead for a long 
time I it was used "against" closed source. Coexistance is crucial.

What my patch does is just giving the user another option, how he can use 
a piece of software.


we're waiting for [the phone company] to fix that line

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