Announcing rpmfusion

Jaroslaw Gorny jaroslav at
Tue Sep 11 18:03:51 UTC 2007


Tuesday 11 of September 2007 08:38:19 Hans de Goede napisał(a):

> RPM Fusion aims to bring together many packagers from various 3rd party
> repos and build a single add-on repository for Fedora and Red Hat
> Enterprise Linux.


> It will contain add-on packages and not replacements in relation to the
> base package set. Whereby the base package set is defined as: RHEL/CentOS +
> EPEL or Fedora (Fedora 7+).

I'm not sure I understand it correctly... let's have an example.

Fedora doesn't have 'lame'. RPM Fusion will have 'lame', right?
But You will _not_ rebuild k3b with lame support, because You don't want to 
replace "base" package set (k3b is in base). Right?

Another example: inclusion of mp3 support libraries, but without rebuilding 
audio players.

If this is the case, wouldn't such a repo be useless?


PS. Please clarify this if I misunderstood the point.
Jaroslaw Gorny

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