Announcing rpmfusion

Jarod Wilson jwilson at
Tue Sep 11 21:31:38 UTC 2007

Chris Jones wrote:
> Also, +1 to the fact its not as good a news as if ATrpms had also been
> incorporated. If rpmfusion and ATrpms turn out as (in)compatible as say
> livna and ATrpms are now, then on a practical level the merger is no
> where near as useful as it could have been.

Yeah, +10 to it being nowhere as good as if ATrpms were included in the
merger, since the bulk of the overlap/conflicts in the 3rd-party repo
world are between livna and ATrpms. Now they'll just be between
rpmfusion and ATrpms. Suck. End-users still lose.

Jarod Wilson
jwilson at

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