Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Wed Sep 12 08:31:17 UTC 2007

Brandon Holbrook wrote:
> Hey all,
> So vmware announced to us this morning at vmworld that they are open 
> sourcing their VMware Tools product; releasing their immediate code 
> under GPL, and gradually moving development to SourceForge's SVN 
> servers.  You can get the tarball at  As an 
> every day user of vmware tools in Fedora, I'd love to be involved in 
> packaging open-vm-tools (I've already compiled it several times and am 
> quite pleased), so normally this would look like an opportunity to put 
> together some SPECs and submit reviews.  However, in vmware's 
> announcement this morning they had some reaction quotes from their Linux 
> distro partners, including RedHat, whom they informed about this 
> decision several days ago.  So since this particular package involves 
> RedHat corporate partnerships and quotes and stuff like that, should I 
> wait for RH employees to package this and then request myself be added 
> as a comaintainer, or is this still up for grabs?

You don't really have to wait for anyone. If you are interested post a 
spec for review. If others want to participate, they can become 


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