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Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Wed Sep 12 08:36:40 UTC 2007

Le Mer 12 septembre 2007 09:56, Alain PORTAL a écrit :
> Le Sunday 09 September 2007 12:30:28 Alain PORTAL, vous avez écrit :

>> Why?
> Nobody can answer?

Because the rh localisation team decided years ago they wanted
localisation in one place not spread over every package in the distro.
IMHO this was a short-sighted decision as centralization does not
scale and screws third-party repositories (basically anything the
central project does not now of beforehand is not localised)

But anyway:
1. you're looking for specspo
2. it'd be nice if you could talk with the people behind transifex to
figure how to put localisation back in the individual packages where
it belongs


Nicolas Mailhot

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