Licensing: dual licenses - icons

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Wed Sep 12 09:15:50 UTC 2007

Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
> Hello there,
> My package kmenu-gnome entails some icons taken from right to left by
> upstream. 

Right to left as in random places? If so upstream needs to verify the 
licenses of these icons carefully.

Upstream uses a dual license. I've changed the license from
> GPL/LGPL to LGPLv2 on the last rebuild.

You are not allowed to change the license of a package. However when you 
distribute software which is dual licensed, you are allowed to 
distribute under any one of those license if you wish to do so.
> However I'm not sure that the icons taken from GPL'd packages may be
> relicensed under the LGPL. 

It does not. However the other way around is possible.  What problem are 
you trying to solve?


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